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oc sketches

Hi guys! 8 )
ahhh, I haven't uploaded in ages. These were drawn months ago when I was in China. Just me messing around with a few of my ocs ahah. I had no idea how to work the motion blur on my photoshop thing, so it looks really boring lmao. ahh and I recorded a few drawing processes of the sketch, not sure if I want to upload it ;;;

but yeah, sorry for the lack of replies/activity!! T 7 T I've been hella busy with school and life, but I'm usually around tumblr/twitter/gaia! so you're better off contacting me there if you need me for anything. xD I've decided to use twitter to upload sketchbook art when I can, so yep! alkdsj-- gotta go back to writing my essay now ahah. good luck to everyone whose starting or has already started school! *Q*// and I apologize to everyone whose waiting on me for art; I'll try my best to get them done asap! ;v; ///

/whispers is this even in the right category? XD
Hi guys!! I was tagged by :iconpyriki: adlksjfalkjs

ahahaha I'm sorry it's kinda long so salute to those who actually listened through *cleans your ears*

Here's the questions I was answering ahaha//

okay so rules of the meme
1. say at least one thing about the person who tagged u's voice
2. if u don't feel comfortable speaking, just type out ur answers!
3. if u wanna skip any questions,  thats also fine

1. Say your username
2.Say your name/whatever you go by
3. is the language your speaking in currently your first language?
4. If not, say something from your first language
5. Now just say something from any language!
6. what are you doing now?
7. favorite food/drink?
8. why?
9. favorite animal?
10. why?
11. say the word "bourgeois"
12. What tv shows do you watch?
13. Whose your favorite character from that show?
14. say something that character would!
15. Do you play video games?
16. Which ones?
17. favorite pokemon?
18. Say that pokemons name like the pokemon would.


1. Describe your art style
2. What do you like about it?
3. What do you want to change?
4. What are you most proud of?
5. Any idols? Who?
6. Favorite thing to draw!
7. Least favorite thing to draw?
8. Favorite colors to color with?
9. What software do you use?
10. How long have you been drawing?


1. What type of music do you listen to?
2. What makes you like that type so much?
3. Go to itunes/youtube, wherever you keep your music
3 (cont) press "shuffle", sing along with the first song that pops up!
4. How do you think your voice sounded?


1. any favorite words?
2. least favorite?
3. say "moist"
4. grab the closest thing to you
5. Make a radio commercial with that item, go!

I'm gonna tag people cause I want to hear their qt voices LOL. if you're not tagged and you want to do it, you can link it to me so I can listen too ehehe~
Hey everyone! ^7^ It's been so long since I've actually posted anything here OTL ;;;
I actually have a couple of sketches I did while I was in china but I don't feel like posting them online so xD
ANYWAY uhuh I was just wondering if you guys could give some ideas for usernames ;v; 
Am I changing my username? Who knows |D I just want some ideas ehehehe

I was thinking rindori...or maybe something with mii in it. I don't know if I want pakku since I already have pakkuru and pakipi xD
So just leave your ideas below? Thanks! ^q^


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States


wut is sleep
Hiatus - basically leaving dA due to school and irl. gomen ;;;;
if you want to keep in contact, i'll try to be around skype/tumblr/maybe twitter??
but yeh, sorry. ;q; I luv you all though. thank you for all the support! <3

btw if I still owe you art (I know a few but just in case I've forgotten any that I owe), please message me. I want to finish the art no matter how long it'll take me. so please understand if I take a hella long time to finish /weeps

heyo call me pakku! : ) I love to meet new people even though I'm awk and slow at replies/weeps
thanks for all the support >< ))// <33

youtube: MrPakkuma
tumblr: pakkuma
twitter: pakkuchi
gaiaonline: pakkuru
skype: close friends only
icon by niikkz

LET IT GROW by the swaglicious ellie
"let it grow
let it grow
let the pakku beard reach the floor
let it grow
let it grow
throw the ray-zors oouuut the window

here oji stands
with her luscious oji mane
let the beard grow on
The hair never bothered her anyway!"

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